Layout & Format Guidelines

We prefer all artwork to be sent to us in PDF format, one up, to the finished size. Bleeds on a sheet are images that run to the edge. If your image runs to the edge, we will need you to make your printing area 1/8 inch more on all sides. That 1/8 inch will be trimmed off, so do not put type in that area. We will multi-paste up for printing.

We also have programs that work with Adobe Acrobat for numbering, addressing, variable data, changing the size of the form, multi-pasting images, and much more. If you send other formats of programs, we will have to change over to PDF and do have a small fee for that. We also will have to send a proof back to you, that will extend the amount of time getting your project completed. We can group your PDFs in order, but this takes time and we will have to send you a proof before running. There will be an extra fee for grouping PDFs together if needed "for example books."

We can help you get it into PDF format from most programs, just give us a call. Use the upload your documents for large files. When preparing to make a folder, put files in folder, right click, send to, compressed (zipped) folder, and then send the folder with the zipper on it.

Raffle Tickets

Raffle Ticket Options

Raffle tickets are available in a variety of stock colors, including white, red, yellow, green, blue, and gold, however, you may choose any other “67# color” for an additional $20 per order. These products are available with printing on one or both sides, but do not include artwork. Single-sided printing offers the best value, while printing on both sides costs more but provide the opportunity to include supplementary information about your organization or event. For an additional $15.00 set-up fee, we can change the perforation area to better suit your needs and will staple your raffle tickets for an additional $.10 per booklet. Prices do not reflect shipping costs and are subject to change. Contact us with questions or for additional pricing information.

PDFs Preferred

Click any link below to download PDF samples or Word files. Note: Word Documents have no stub; we will put that on for you. Also, two sides are continuous, and we will split it up for you.

$41.95, 500 Printed One Side

Call or Email for other quantities.
2.75 x 8.5 Raffle Tickets, 2.125 Stub

Download PDF Template

Download Word Template

$45.95, 500 Printed One Side

Call or Email for other quantities.
3.5 x 8.5 Raffle Tickets, 2.125 Stub

Download PDF Template

Download Word Template

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