Layout & Format Guidelines

We prefer all artwork to be sent to us in PDF format, one up, to the finished size. Bleeds on a sheet are images that run to the edge. If your image runs to the edge, we will need you to make your printing area 1/8 inch more on all sides. That 1/8 inch will be trimmed off, so do not put type in that area. We will multi-paste up for printing.

We also have programs that work with Adobe Acrobat for numbering, addressing, variable data, changing the size of the form, multi-pasting images, and much more. If you send other formats of programs, we will have to change over to PDF and do have a small fee for that. We also will have to send a proof back to you, that will extend the amount of time getting your project completed. We can group your PDFs in order, but this takes time and we will have to send you a proof before running. There will be an extra fee for grouping PDFs together if needed "for example books."

We can help you get it into PDF format from most programs, just give us a call. Use the upload your documents for large files. When preparing to make a folder, put files in folder, right click, send to, compressed (zipped) folder, and then send the folder with the zipper on it.


Affordable Laminating

We offer 6 mil laminating as wide as 25 inches.

We have an inline trimmer on 12-inch wide lamination, on 1.5 to 3 mil thickness with 1 or 2 sided lamination. This keeps the cost low for you!

Standard Laminating Material

  • 12 Inch Wide
  • 1.5, 3, 5, 10 mil Lamination on two sides, If you want one side that is possible but it does not lay flat as easy.

Lay Flat Laminating Material

  • 12 Inch Wide
  • 1.2 mil Lamination on two sides or one side, It also works well with the folding of products and book covers.
Contact us in St. Cloud, Minnesota, to create professional-looking documents with our printing services.





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